CSA Reader App

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the CSA Reader App?

The CSA Reader App lets you access CSA Standards and Codes in an easy to read eBook format.  Use the CSA Reader App to read content online or offline, search text, create notes, add highlights and bookmarks, view browsing history and more. 

  1. What is an eBook Plus?

An eBook Plus product is an eBook that contains enriched interactive content.  eBook Plus products provide further user engagement and learning with fully animated diagrams, colour visuals, videos and embedded calculators.  To view CSA’s full list of available eBooks (formerly ePub, Interactive Standard), visit http://shop.csa.ca


3.     Where can I get the CSA Reader App?

The CSA Reader App is available as a FREE download for your desktop or mobile device.  For those who prefer not to download the App, we also offer an Online CSA Reader.  Choose the format that’s right for you.  

CSA Reader App for Desktop

Windows PC     MAC OSX

CSA Reader App for Mobile
Available as a free download from iTunes and Google Play. Compatible with iOS 10.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later.

iOS on iTunes               Android on Google Play


Online CSA Reader

Compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.


For more information view the detailed Technical Requirements.  

  1. How do I download and install the CSA Reader?

To download and install the CSA Reader App, follow the instructions in the installation guide applicable to your device.

Installation Guide for iOS
Installation Guide for Android
Installation Guide for Windows
Installation Guide for MAC OSX

  1. Where can I purchase eBooks for my CSA Reader?

eBooks for the CSA Reader can be purchased online at http://shop.csa.ca

  1. Which publications are available for the CSA Reader?

As new publications become available, they are announced on the Available Books tab in the CSA Reader App. To purchase additional publications for your reader or for the full list of available eBooks, visit http://shop.csa.ca.

  1. I have purchased my eBook, now what do I do?

After you have purchased an eBook, you will receive an email with a redemption code and instructions on how to download and install the CSA Reader App.  Select the appropriate Installation Guide for your device and follow the directions to activate and download your eBook. 

  1. Do you have enterprise licensing or bulk quantity purchase options?

For enterprise licensing or bulk quantity purchasing options, please contact Sales by email [email protected] OR by phone 1-800-463-6727.  

  1. Can I print a hard copy of my eBook?

eBooks can only be accessed through the CSA Reader App on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. You cannot print a copy of the eBook.  Visit http://shop.csa.ca to view additional formats (Print, PDF) available for purchase.  Please note that print or PDF formats do not include the additional enhanced features found in eBooks.

  1. How many devices can I use this on? What if I have more than one device?

    eBooks are intended for single-use on your individual device. Once you have redeemed your code your eBook will be linked to your account.  You may download and access your eBook on up to 3 devices.  Please contact us at 1-800-463-6727 for group pricing if you would like to purchase eBooks for multiple people in your organization.

  2. I'm having trouble downloading my books to my iPad/iPhone. What do I do?

    It is recommended that you download the eBook while connected to WiFi.  If you are still having issues, please close the CSA Reader App, re-open, and try to download the book again.

  3. How do I get back to My Books when reading a publication on the CSA Reader App?

    To return to your library when reading a publication select the home button on the top navigation bar of the CSA Reader App. If the Home icon is hidden, tap the middle of the screen to bring up the Reading Tools menu. Tap the Home icon to return to your library.

  4. How do I quickly access the book I'm reading now?

Select the My Books tab; select the publication you would like to open. Your selected book will automatically open to where you left off.

14.  The CSA Reader App for iPad and iPhone doesn't install on my iPhone or iPad. What do I do?

CSA Reader App for iPad and iPhone can only be installed on an iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone with iOS 10+.  If you have an earlier version of iOS installed, you will need to update the iPad or iPhone with iOS 10 or higher installed with a minimum of 300MB of free space before downloading the CSA Reader App.



15.  The CSA Reader App for Android doesn't install on my smartphone or tablet. What do I do?

The CSA Reader App for Android can only be installed on Android phones and tablets with Android 4.4 or higher installed. Please note that you will require a device with minimum specs of 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, and a recommended 1080 X 1920 resolution. The install file for Android is compressed and expands upon installation. We suggest having at least 300MB of free space on your device before you try to install the application.

Please note the Android OS installs applications to internal memory rather than the SD card by default. So even if your SD Card has a large amount of free space, you will need to have the 300MB free on internal memory. After the app is installed the space required to get your book loaded is 2GB (external or internal depending on the user’s device settings).


I'm still having issues using the CSA Reader App. Who can I contact for help?

If you are still experiencing issues, contact Technical Support by email [email protected] OR call 1-800-463-6727 option 4. Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm EST.