Z8000-11 Webinar – The Planning Process, Canadian Health Care Facilities

The Z8000-11 Standard provides requirements and guidance for the planning, design, and construction of Canadian health care facilities. It is intended to be used by all facilities providing health care services regardless of type, size, location, or range of services. The Health Care Facility shall be planned and designed through the use of a project process, which includes several stages of planning to identify health needs of the catchment community and the expected role of the Health Care Facility; the translation of those needs into services/activity levels; and calculate space requirements of the services and a facility plan to accommodate the space. Each step in the process builds on the previous and a complete planning process should maintain this sequence to ensure a fully integrated and thought-out facility plan. This course will guide you through the complete planning process and provide insights for your own planning projects.
Construction based process requirements and stages of the planning process including:
 An in-depth review of the planning process requirements and how they can improve your own project plans
 Design, procurement, commissioning, and construction requirements
 Take-over, occupancy, and post occupancy requirements