Z8000 Series: Facilities that work for the Staff

The implementation of Z8000 – Canadian Health Care Facilities – can help improve efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and overall patient outcomes by building safety practices into the design and construction of health care facilities. Key design, planning and workflow elements can impact staff efficiency and safety. This video-based training, based on Z8000, helps participants understand how to minimize health care costs by planning and designing "back of the house" areas right the first time.

Technical and functional requirements that contribute to making health care facilities work for staff will be emphasized through the use of the OASIS (Operational efficiency, Accessibility, Safety and security, Infection prevention and control and Sustainability) principle.

Hear from the Vice Chair of the CSA Group Technical Committee for Z8000 and understand how this new Standard will can apply to your organization. Gain insight that can help you in your implementation programs and increase your understanding of Z8000 requirements, contributing to your future construction, renovation and maintenance/repair projects.

Topics Include

  • Medical Device Reprocessing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Materials Management
  • Food Services